Valentine’s Day at Mesa Verde

Valentine’s Day at Mesa Verde

club flowersValentine’s Day, the one day each year when we are expected to sing the praises of our loved ones from the hill tops and shower them with gifts, and messages of love. To many, Valentine’s Day is viewed as a “Hallmark holiday” conjured up by businesses to boost sales of greeting cards… Yes, you all know the story.

Regardless of your knowledge on the origins of Valentine’s Day, one thing is certain; we all love to celebrate love!

Among many of the Valentine traditions is that of giving flowers. This tradition dates back to the 17th century.  The gift of roses, in particular, were given as a sign of love in its many different forms and were also thought to be the favorite flower of the Goddess of Love herself, Venus.  By the 18th century, Charles II of Sweden designated specific meanings behind each flower. From then on, lovers have been giving flowers and expressing their affections for each other in non-verbal conversations, simply with a bouquet.

We caught up with Ann, the owner White Sakuras, who also happens to be our in-house florist at Mesa Verde and asked her to help us put together a beautiful bouquet of our own and, for a little Valentine flower advice.

Q: “Besides roses, what other flowers round out the perfect valentine’s bouquet?”

A: “Tulips and Lilly’s are always beautiful and still very traditional.  For a larger more full bouquet I would recommend adding hydrangeas. Also, if someone is looking for something to last a little longer, I would go with tropical flowers or a plant.”

Q: “ When would you recommend people start placing orders for Valentine’s Day?”

A: “As early as possible! Most men tend to forget about Valentine’s Day until late on the 13th then hope to get a bouquet the next afternoon. This is the busiest time of year for florists so unfortunately, they may not be able to get their bouquet in time for the holiday.


Q: “About how many arrangements would you say you typically do for Valentine’s Day?”

A: A lot especially when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday and people tend to stay in town rather than taking a romantic weekend trip.

Q: “Why do you think flowers continue to be such a popular way to express non-verbal communication?”

A: “They are beautiful and make people so happy. Especially roses. Who doesn’t love to receive roses?



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